Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the battery of my Float last?

This depends on the usage situation, but it will last longer than your fermentation!
To be save we recommend to charge your Float after every time you use it.

How long does it take to charge my Float?

In theory (...) this will take 3 hours and 24 minutes, given that your USB adapter can provide more than 1 A.
In practice we recommend to charge your Float overnight, in this case you can be sure it is charged. Be sure the Float is turned off while charging.
There is a charging indicator on the Float, if the LED turns from red to green, the Float is charged.

Is my data available for download?

Yes, you can download all brew data as csv files. Just go to the brew from which you want your data, and below the brew graphs there will be a link to the csv files.

Will the My Brewbrain Personal account always be free?

Yes, the personal account will always be free of cost. We are developing premium features that will be available for a small fee.

Why doesn't my user account work?

There can be several reasons why your user account doesn't work:

My Float is not registering any data points!

There can be several reasons why your float doesn't register any data points:

My Float is not registering all data points!

In most of the cases the wifi connection is not strong enough to transfer the data to your network. It is recommend to position your router close to the fermentation setup to have the best signal.
In the right lower corner of your brew you will see the "WiFi signal". The minimum strength needed for good reception is at least -70 dB. When your signal is lower than this, try to improve the signal by placing your extender/router closer to the fermenter.
Also: Check our "Dealing with bad wifi reception" document.

When I set my float to ‘Setup’ mode, I do not see a WiFi network with its serial number

Ensure that your Float is fully charged. Turn the float OFF when charging. When charging, you should see a red LED, that changes to green when the Float is fully charged.

If you still do not see a WiFi network, ensure that you are close enough to the sensor. Also try a different phone or laptop to connect to the WiFi network. Realize that fermenters, refrigerators and walls could decrease wifi signal strengths.

If you still cannot connect to the Float’s Access Point, then please contact and indicate that you do not see an access point in setup mode.

I see the WiFi network from the Float during setup mode, but I cannot connect to the network

When using a phone, turn off 3G/4G connection before connecting to the Float.

Furthermore, many phones will pop up a notification that you can press to connect to the network.

If this does not work, try the following:
You should now be brought to the Float’s setup.

If you still cannot access the Float setup pages, contact and indicate that you can connect to the access point, but not to the setup pages.

For an explanation why it can be difficult to the Float’s network, see the following:
Many phones/and or laptops have functions to automatically detect whether a WiFi network has internet connectivity. When this is not the case, the phone or laptop will automatically drop the connection to your Float (Since the Float is not a WiFi router). Furthermore, newer smartphones maintain simultaneous connections to 3G and WiFi, and when the WiFi connection does not respond in an expected way, such phones will try their 3G connection instead, and your Float setup process will be disrupted, because the web pages in the Float’s wifi setup process do not exist on the internet.

During the setup process, my phone disconnects from the Float

When this happens, reconnect to the Float’s network and navigate to

The reason why this happens is fairly technical. During this process step the Float switches to your router’s WiFi band. If your phone is connected on another band, it disconnects, because a Wifi antenna cannot transmit two bands at the same time.

My question is not listed!

Please don't hesitate to contact us: